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by emon hassan on August 1, 2011

+ Full version of the The Third pilot episode is now up. ++ This post was mentioned in The New York Times’s City Room blog.

Very happy to announce that Jeff Stewart is playing Cyril in an upcoming episode of The Third. Jeff is a 30+ year veteran of British television, most known for playing Reg Hollis on The Bill, and Dukkha in an episode of Dr. Who. We’ve been meaning to work on this episode together since November of last year but scheduling conflict was to blame.

I just shot all his parts with Philip Willingham of the episode this past weekend and what a wonderful experience working with Jeff has been. He’s a director’s dream. (more news after photo)

I thought it good timing to announce his casting with another great piece of news: Jeff won ‘Best Actor’ at the Manhattan Film Festival 2011 last night for his portrayal of Jakob Seel in ‘Under Jakob’s Ladder‘. ‘Jakob’ also won ‘Best Picture’. Philip Willingham, who played Ivan in the film, was there to cheer on his good friend.

(photos by Philip Willingham)





Wait. There’s more…

Also happy to announce the casting of New York actors Bari Hyman and Jeffrey A. Wisniewski.

Bari’s a veteran of the stage, television and indie films in New York; she’s just wrapped work on Ric Klass’s “Excuse Me For Living“.

Jeffrey Wisniewski, had already a lot of stage work under his belt before transitioning into film acting. His portrayal of ‘The Driver’ in 2009’s The Passenger won him the ‘Best Leading Actor (Drama)’ in the 2009 ‘Film Racing Grand Prix’.

Here’s the partial cast from last week’s shoot.

The Third Web Series: Guest Cast

Here’s a set still from Day 1.

A video intro of cast, plus more behind the scenes stills from Day 1 and 2 coming soon.

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